Leading the sector

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Leading the sector

Leading the Sector was a professional development course in Digital Leadership for a cohort of 16 leaders from medium-to-large heritage organisations across the UK. It was funded through The National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of the Digital Skills for Heritage initiative and led by Culture24.

Leading the Sector 2022 was a follow up digital leadership event programme delivered by Culture24 in partnership with The Audience Agency. One in-person workshop was delivered in six cities across the UK and a series of six online seminars took place between March and October 2022. Full recordings and key talking points from these online seminars can be found in the links below.

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Digital leadership — Hybrid heritage

Following Covid-19’s digital kickstart, what does a blend of in-person/digital working and services mean for heritage and the way you lead? The first online seminar in the Leading the Sector 2022 series focused on hybrid heritage.

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Digital leadership – Digital skills, literacy and capacity

Heritage leaders play a vital role in building digitally literate, skilled, confident teams. The second online seminar in the Leading the Sector 2022 series explored the role of digital skills and literacies in building organisational capacity, resilience and change, as well as how you can build your personal digital understanding as a heritage leader.

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Digital leadership – Digital infrastructure and process

With the right leadership, digital tools, systems and processes can empower heritage organisations in their activities, services and capacity. The third online seminar in the Leading the Sector 2022 series discusses why the behind-the-scenes element of digital maturity is so vital in meeting your organisation’s aims and objectives and what leaders need to be doing about it.

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Digital leadership – Inclusion, equity and digital

The fourth online seminar in the Leading the Sector 2022 series explores the role of digital in developing more open, inclusive and equitable organisations; and involving more people in heritage more meaningfully.

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Digital leadership – Digital enterprise in heritage

How are digital behaviours and technology changing business models in heritage? What does this mean for your leadership? The fifth online seminar in the Leading the Sector 2022 series explores the demands that digital enterprise and entrepreneurship place upon heritage organisation’s leaders and teams.

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Digital leadership – Heritage, digital and the climate crisis

How can digital capacity and tactics be leveraged in heritage organisations to address the climate crisis and to meet your heritage organisation’s environmental goals?  The sixth and final online seminar in the Leading the Sector 2022 series talks about the role leaders need to play in understanding and leading change in this vital area of the heritage’s sector’s work.

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