Digital engagement and activities

Theme 1: Digital engagement and activities

This theme answers the heritage sector’s top 25 on digital engagement and activities including:

  • digital marketing and communications
  • websites, email and social media
  • fundraising and eCommerce
  • recruiting and working with digital volunteers
  • online events and activities
  • accessibility, inclusion and sustainability
  • analytics, visitor data and segmentation

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is key in connecting your small to medium-sized heritage organisation to new and existing visitors and audiences. 


Using digital to engage with audiences and visitors

These questions focus on how you can use digital tools and platforms ― including social media, emails and your website ― to engage, develop and reach new and existing audiences and visitors. 

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Digital participation

Online participation can help your heritage organisation expand audiences, increase accessibility and engagement with new communities. These questions will help you plan excellent online events, build online communities and explore the ways in which the latest technology can improve the visitor experience to your organisation’s offer.

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Data to help audience development

You can learn a lot about who your online audiences are through the data your digital engagement activities collate. These questions look at the ways in which you can use data to help you understand the demographics, behaviours and motivations of your digital audiences. 


Increasing income and capacity through digital

Digital can help small to medium-sized heritage organisations increase both their income through digital fundraising and eCommerce, but also increase work capacity, such as utilising digital volunteers. 


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Digital Heritage Hub is managed by Arts Marketing Association (AMA) in partnership with The Heritage Digital Consortium and The University of Leeds. It has received Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and National Lottery funding, distributed by The Heritage Fund as part of their Digital Skills for Heritage initiative. Digital Heritage Hub is free and answers small to medium sized heritage organisations most pressing and frequently asked digital questions.

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