RSI resource pack – digital trends

A woman walks up a staircase inside an old, gothic library

2.35pm — 3.35pm
Online & A/B Rooms, British Museum

Hand holding smart phone directed at and scanning an AR marker on the wall of a castle.
Image courtesy of Tamworth Castle ©

How to use AR and VR to increase visitor engagement and participation

Seven horse-riders dressed in red on seven black horses in front of a grand building
Image courtesy of VisitBritain © Martin Ritchie

Using cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for fundraising

A woman in a yellow jacket sitting on a rock with arms raised aloft, admiring a countryside view
Image courtesy of VisitBritain © Becky Stacey

Tools and resources to keep up-to-date with emerging digital trends

Woodland with arrows showing remains of World War II underground Operational Base
Tour of the remains of Harberton OB. Image courtesy of CART ©

Recording and editing 360-degree virtual tours

Screenshot of heatmap of new archaeological sites in Devon
Heatmap of new archaeological sites in Devon. Image courtesy of University of Exeter©

Image analysis for heritage mapping, using open-access software and remote sensing data

Pottery shard from a Farewell mug at Portland Museum
3D model: pottery shard from a Farewell mug from Earl of Abergavenny shipwreck. Image courtesy Portland Museum©

Creating 3D digital models of museum collection objects

A young woman with long blonde hair using Polycam app on an iPad and an iPad pro to create a 3D model.
Screenshot from video showing a volunteer creating a 3D model of a collection piece.

Video: Earl of Abergaveny project, Portland Museum

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