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How to … develop people-centred research collaborations

This guide offers practical tips on designing impactful research collaborations that put people first and allow new thinking to flourish.

Published: 2024 | Resource type: guide-toolkit

Sharing learning: How funders can support impactful research collaborations

This resource makes recommendations for funders and universities who want to support cross-sector research partnerships. The learning is drawn from the Centre for Cultural Value’s exploratory research funding programme Collaborate.  Research collaborations that combine the knowledge and expertise of cultural practitioners and academics can produce valuable learning to inform and improve policy and practice.  Yet, … Read more

Published: | Resource type: case-study

Three people looking at a piece of outdoor public art. The artwork is made up of larger notebook pages. The page to the front of the image has the text: to leaf is

Research Digest: Culture and placemaking

What is the relationship between culture and placemaking? This digest brings together research that examines how and why arts and culture play a part in placemaking and what that means for organisations, practitioners, policymakers and funders.

Published: 2024 | Resource type: research

Performer in yellow top and denim shorts at an outdoor performance at night. They are reaching out, passing something to an audience member.

Research Digest: Lifelong Cultural Engagement

How may the value and impact of engaging with culture evolve across someone’s lifetime? Are our cultural tastes set in childhood? Or is there scope for our behaviours to change? If so, what can affect these shifts?  These questions are worth exploring for many reasons. For instance, cultural organisations might want to investigate who’s engaging … Read more

Published: 2024 | Resource type: research

A performance group called "Without Walls" performs “Belly of the Whale”. They are stood on top of a seesaw-like sculpture in front of Wakefield Cathedral at Wakefield Council’s Seaside in the City.

My essential reads: Artists’ livelihoods

What do we know about artists’ social and economic status? And why should this matter to the cultural sector and our wider society?  In the Centre’s research digest exploring the role of the artist in society, we highlight how artists are in a rare position to illuminate and reframe the challenges facing humanity for other … Read more

Published: | Resource type: essential-read

A back view of a woman recording in a music studio. She is holding her microphones while standing in front of a microphone and a studio control room.

How to … share research and evaluation findings through performance

It is common for findings from research and evaluation to be shared in reports and articles. But what other creative methods could we use? And how can we reach new audiences? In this guide, Dr Martin Glynn showcases his innovative approach to “data storytelling”, drawing on his experiences as a researcher, dramatist and educator. By … Read more

Published: 2024 | Resource type: guide-toolkit

An ensemble of violinists, guitarists, percussionists and guitarists perform on stage at Bridgewater Hall in front of a concert audience. They are backed by yellow and white lighting.

How to … create intimate and intense ‘classical music’ experiences

Adam Szabo reflects on his experience as Artistic Director and Chief Executive of Manchester Collective and what practical steps it is possible to take to shape audience experiences. The focus of this guide is on classical music performances, although curators of all types of live performance may find synergies with their work and practice. Within the … Read more

Published: | Resource type: guide-toolkit

Image of three sculptures displayed on top of a green box. The background of colourful fabrics.

How to … amplify diverse voices in research and evaluation

Dr Karen Patel provides practical tips on amplifying diverse voices in cultural sector research and evaluation.

Published: 2023 | Resource type: guide-toolkit

Two people walking together through Leeds University's Union building.

How to … conduct a walking interview

This guide offers practical advice on using walking interviews and how this research methodology may help you gain deeper insights from participants.

Published: 2023 | Resource type: guide-toolkit

Part of a large circle of people, of all ages stood together holding hands.

Research digest: The role of the artist in society

What do we know about the role of artists working in socially engaged ways, the value of this work, how they are funded and the different settings they work in? This research digest explores the current evidence base around artists working in socially engaged practices. This can range from artists working in residencies with town-planning … Read more

Published: 2023 | Resource type: research