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Two men looking at paintings in a gallery

iBeholder: new ways to gather data and insight for non-ticketed venues

The iBeholder pilot programme was developed to help discover new ways to gather audience data for non-ticketed visual arts organisations and boost the audience experience.  thrive, Northern Ireland’s audience development agency details everything that happened throughout the project and the insights uncovered.

Published: 2023 | Resource type: Research

Front cover includes two illustrations of people wearing VR googles

The Immersive Audience Journey Report

This report for UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) creates an important new framework for exploring different audiences in different market segments and how they behave around immersive content. It helps build a better understanding of current and future audiences, how to attract them, retain them, and, importantly, how to grow them.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Research

Lights across the Millennium Bridge towards Tate Modern at night.

Why embracing cloud tech is the most important decision a remote business can make

In the first of a series of three articles, Elliot Mark Senior Copywriter at Ecommerce Platforms  looks at why making better use of technology — specifically cloud technology — is the key to remote-working success.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Article

View of a theatre during an opera

The ultimate guide to surviving and thriving as a cultural organisation in the 21st century

Like so many industries, arts and cultural organisations are experiencing a rapid digital transformation. Consumer expectations are changing quickly – it is no longer a novelty to have an app or to incorporate technology as part of the in-person experience. Plus, amidst the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, many organisations are shifting their operations online. Produced by ... Read more

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Digital engagement – create a gift for someone you love.

Innovators Blast Theory take us through their development of Gift that lets visitors use their smart phone to create a digital gift and send it to the one they love.

Published: 2020 | Resource type: article

Front page with Technology issue over spiralling purple and pink

Now, New and Next for Cultural Fundraisers: The Technology edition

The fourth edition of Now, New and Next from Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy is full of commentary and opinion on how technology is impacting fundraising, the charity and arts sector.

Published: 2019 | Resource type: Research

A woman holding a grip to steady her phone.

Video Live Streams as an Engagement Tool for Museums

Cuseum take a look at video live streams as an engagement tool for museums.

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Research

Article screen shot

There are no crises only tough decisions

Russell Willis Taylor promotes collaboration, placing a value on employees (as well as audiences) and embracing the potential of new technology and data analysis in this thought-provoking keynote.

Published: 2010 | Resource type: article

Is all this technology actually helping?

Is it just possible that technology might be alienating our audiences and creating a barrier to the arts? ICT is used to develop advertising and marketing strategies and to enhance sales and provide customers with information, but are computers getting in the way? This article argues that it is possible to do technology well – ... Read more

Published: 2000 | Resource type: article

Web terms: what they mean for websites and business

A glossary of web technology terms: what they mean for websites and business.

Published: 2007 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Considering new technologies

Before diving into (or running away from) the latest technologies it is worth thinking strategically about how they can be used to extend or add value to your marketing activity. If you’re not already familiar with the new tool that you are considering, get online and try it out.

Published: 2007 | Resource type: article

Creating social impact by using new technologies

‘Social by Social’ is a practical guide to using new technologies to create social impact. It makes accessible the tools you need to engage a community, offer services, scale up activities and sustain projects. You’ll find various case studies, toolkits, definitions and ideas including; an explanation of ‘Social by Social’ and why you should care about it, ideas ... Read more

Published: 2009 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Reboot Britain: living in a new digital age

Digital technologies – and the networks that they power – provide us with opportunities that we did not have even a few years ago. This collection of essays explore how we can best take advantage of the growing culture of online participation and new digital tools. You’ll find a selection of essays which cover areas including education, entrepreneurship, ... Read more

Published: 2009 | Resource type: article

How Innovation Technology is changing business

This comprehensive report looks at the burgeoning Innovation Technologies (IvT) sector and how such systems as eScience, modelling, stimulation and visualisation technologies along with virtual and rapid prototyping are helping shape the face of innovation across all business models along with the impact of this on public institutions in relation to leadership and business strategies ... Read more

Published: 2007 | Resource type: article