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Beginners guide to benchmarking your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance

Nazma Noor, Digital Strategist at Cog, outlines four different ways to benchmark your SEO performance.

Published: 2024 | Resource type: Guide/tools

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Search Engine Optimisation: a selection of guides and resources

Cog’s Digital Strategist, Nazma Noor, has put together useful links and resources to accompany her SEO talk at the 2023 Arts Marketing Association Digital Day.

Published: 2023 | Resource type: Guide/tools

How to optimise your rankings on Google Search Engine. A brightly lit sign spelling Google.

Achieving Top Search Rankings: An SEO guide to help you climb the rankings in Google

Search Engine Optimisation specialist and founder of Monty’s Guide, Monty Beaumont uncovers the steps you can take to help climb the rankings in Google.

Published: 2023 | Resource type: Guide/tools

An illustration of a person wearing a backpack and reading a map.

Guide: SEO in the cultural sector

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important to any cultural sector organisation. Michael Smith, Founder Director at the digital design agency Cog Design gives an overview of the topic and provides some tips on how to make some simple changes with big results.

Published: 2022 | Resource type: Guide/tools