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Business Model Design: building resilience

Susan Royce explains how business models can help build resilience and introduces the Business Model Canvas – a tool to help arts and cultural organisations review how they create, deliver and capture value.

Published: 2022 | Resource type: Article

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Key Findings: Cause4 Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark

Published in Autumn 2022, key findings from Cause4‘s Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark (2021 release of 2019 data). The benchmarking data remains a valuable guide to understanding the pre-pandemic norm – a check against where your organisation could, or should, return to. Combined with more recent insights from other published sources, the benchmarks offer a ... Read more

Published: 2022 | Resource type: Research

Tactics for the Tightrope cover

Tactics for the Tightrope: creative resilience for creative communities

Part manifesto, part toolkit, Tactics for the Tightrope by Mark Robinson shows how creative resilience can be a process of resistance not co-option, and can help anyone connect, collaborate and multiply the voices of creative communities, to move from hurt to hope. Published by Future Arts Centres.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Guide/tools

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Creative Resilience Canvas – an introduction and template

Mark Robinson, Thinking Practice, takes a fresh look at creative resilience and shares his thinking on the capacity of organisations and communities of people to be productive, valued and true to self-determined core purpose and identity.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Guide/tools

New skills for new ways of working

Throughout 2020 the impact of Covid-19 and national lockdown restrictions on local communities, artists and organisations meant that new ways of working and supporting artists in applying for funding for activity was a priority. This case study by MarketPlace looks at the type of commission support and skills development offered and the difference this has ... Read more

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Case studies

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Lockdown Learning: #5 Risk, failure, learning and resilience

Creative People and Places in Lockdown: responses and learning is a short series of  five case studies that explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on CPP projects and how they responded. Each of the five case studies explores a different theme. In the fifth case study Kathryn Welch reflects on some of the themes ... Read more

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Case studies

Dealing with crisis: creativity and resilience of arts and cultural fundraisers during Covid-19

Research from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s Cultural Sector Network, RAISE: Arts, Culture & Heritage, The University of Sheffield’s Management School and the University of Kent highlights how arts and cultural fundraisers were impacted by and managed the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Research

Remaining Positive and Resilient – time to pivot

Throughout April and May 2020 Adam Gallacher, Ambitious 4 Growth delivered a series of free AMA webinars  encouraging cultural organisations to stay positive and resilient throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Here he sums up the series and tells us now is the time to shake-up tradition, test and explore, reform and respond.

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Article

Arts Survival Training: An AMA Podcast. Episode 1 – Mission, Vision and Values

Arts Survival Training is a podcast from the Arts Marketing Association about creating stronger, more resilient arts organisations. In each episode, you’ll hear UK arts professionals weigh in on the skills and mindsets our field needs in order to survive in the face of social, political, and environmental challenges. Arts Survival Training is hosted, edited, and produced ... Read more

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Article

Now, New and Next for Cultural Fundraisers. Fundraising at Times of Crisis.

The fifth edition of Now, New and Next from Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy focuses on supporting arts, culture and heritage organisations to consider their responses to fundraising at a time of global crisis. It thinks through the next decade of impact, as well as how to effectively communicate with donors. It also suggests ideas as to how organisations might build crisis campaigns and to consider ... Read more

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Research

‘Remake the Model’. Philanthropy and the Arts after Coronavirus.

Mike Scutari, contributing journalist at Inside Philanthropy deep dives into the impact of Coronavirus and what lies beyond. As arts funders navigate the opening stages of what will be a prolonged effort to stem the impact of COVID-19, many are already looking beyond the pandemic. As A Blade of Grass Executive Director Deborah Fisher told Mike Scutari ... Read more

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Article

By any means necessary #ADA

Pauline Bailey, Visual Artist, Director, Producer and Mentor on the Audience Diversity Academy reflects on the need to keep self care at the forefront of everything we do.

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Article

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What is Resilience Anyway?

A comprehensive report covering key areas of what makes an arts or cultural organisation resilience. Research conducted by Golant Media Ventures and The Audience Agency. Commissioned by Arts Council England.

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Research

Business Support for the Cultural and Creative Sector

In partnership with Coventry University, Prosper has produced Business Support and the Cultural and Creative Sector in England and Scotland: A Review. This in-depth review of business support activities in England and Scotland is part of Prosper’s vision to build a creative economy making arts accessible for all. It has been shared to help increase awareness and understanding ... Read more

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Research

Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton Bird collection

Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton and Hove Business Model

Julie Aldridge and Pam Jarvis explore how Brighton Royal Pavilion and Museums have reviewed their vision and business model in a bid to become more relevant and resilient.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: Case studies

Cultural entrepreneurship, resilience and innovative business models

This Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy (AF&P)  Summer school essay by AF&P Fellow Clare McCullagh evaluates the theories and practices of cultural entrepreneurship and considers the impact of adopting new resilient business models on arts fundraising.

Published: 2016 | Resource type: article

Bloodaxe Books Business Model Case Study

Bloodaxe Books Business Model Case Study

Find out how Bloodaxe Books’ commitment to getting the best poetry to more people drives its business model.

Published: 2016 | Resource type: Case studies

Ministry of Stories

Ministry of Stories Business Model Case Study

Discover how Ministry of Stories funds free mentoring of young people and uses customer and partner insights to drive innovation in its business model.

Published: 2016 | Resource type: Case studies

Business Model Canvas text image

Business Model Canvas – six questions for the sector

Mark Robinson explores some of the patterns emerging from his arts and culture business model case studies and poses six questions for the sector.

Published: 2016 | Resource type: Research