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fundraising benchmarking report front cover

Key Findings: Cause4 Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark

Published in Autumn 2022, key findings from Cause4‘s Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark (2021 release of 2019 data). The benchmarking data remains a valuable guide to understanding the pre-pandemic norm – a check against where your organisation could, or should, return to. Combined with more recent insights from other published sources, the benchmarks offer a ... Read more

Published: 2022 | Resource type: Research

Hands covered in different coloured powder paint.

Video: Increasing philanthropic support with an authentic approach to diversity, equality, access and inclusion (DEAI)

Donors are looking for transparency, accountability and tangible commitments to diversity, inclusion and anti-racism. Tarsha Whitaker Calloway, Vice President, Philanthropy, Tessitura Network chairs a lively online panel discussing examples of successful and authentic approaches.

Published: 2022 | Resource type: Webinars and films

Front cover of the environmental agenda issue with a blazing hotsun

Now, New and Next: Fundraising philanthropy and the environmental agenda

The Spring 2022 edition of Now, New and Next from Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy explores fundraising philanthropy and the environmental agenda. Trends, statistics and expertise for arts, heritage and cultural fundraisers.

Published: 2022 | Resource type: Article

Hands putting coins in piggy bank

Covid-19 and Philanthropy – Giving in 2020.

A new study of performing arts organisations in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. by TRG Arts and U.K. arts data specialists Purple Seven shows a decline in philanthropic revenue in 2020 on both sides of the Atlantic. David Brownlee and Eric Nelson examine the findings.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Research

Wooing the young billionaires

With arts philanthropy static in the UK and declining in the US, what needs to be done to persuade the next generation of mega-rich donors to support culture? Michelle Wright, CEO of Cause4 and Programme Director of the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Programme. examines the challenges ahead.

Published: 2020 | Resource type: article

Participants at the Northern Lights conference 2019

Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy

Can you tell our readers a bit about what you do?   Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy transforms the fundraising knowledge, skills and levels of success of creative organisations. We’re a national consortium led by Cause4, with the Arts Marketing Association and University of Leeds.   Our dedicated programme of training courses support arts professionals across their career, from new fundraisers writing their first applications to Trustees looking to become Chairs ... Read more

Published: 2019 | Resource type: Article

Catalyst Evaluation Year 2 Front Cover Image

Catalyst Evaluation Year Two

Find out more about Arts Council England’s Catalyst programme – designed to help arts organisations increase private giving – in this second evaluation report, which covers the entire programme.

Published: 2015 | Resource type: Research

National Centre for Circus Arts

Catalyst Evaluation Year One

Gain insight into Arts Council England’s Catalyst programme designed to help arts organisations diversify their income streams and access more funding from private sources.

Published: 2015 | Resource type: Research

Mixture Matters: The challenges and opportunities in the business models of Craft Development Organisations

The Catalyst Craft Consortium – comprising of Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool; Craftspace, Birmingham; Devon Guild, Bovey Tracey, Devon; Manchester Craft & Design Centre; and Smiths Row, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk – has been working to develop skills and evidence to attract philanthropy and investment, and explore new areas of fundraising. The consortium commissioned this report to investigate the ... Read more

Published: May 2015 | Resource type: Research

Developing relationships with donors

This AMA conference 2014 session led by Michelle Wright, Clare Titley and David Byrne, looked at how arts organisations can better address the needs of current and prospective donors. The panel shared their thoughts on the barriers and opportunities open to the sector and how we might work together to overcome address these.

Published: 2014 | Resource type: article

The potential of arts philanthropy

Individual giving makes a substantial contribution to many arts organisations but there is still more that can be done to attract more. This in-depth report looks at the facts, trends and potential behind individual giving. Its recommendations are positive but show how success and methods will vary according to artform, region and size of organisation,

Published: 2010 | Resource type: Research

Enabling more philanthropy in the UK

The UK does not have a highly developed culture of individual charitable giving, especially compared to the United States. This report looks at the Maecenas Initiative which gives recommendations on how minor adjustments can be made to the UK’s fiscal framework to encourage individual giving.

Published: 2005 | Resource type: Research

Increasing charitable giving: the Legacy10 campaign

Cultural organisations are increasingly looking at ways to encourage philanthropy. This factsheet outlines Legacy10, an independent campaign that was launched in 2011 to encourage charitable giving. You’ll find some key facts in terms of UK giving along with a list of campaign supporters for the Legacy10 campaign. There’s also an introduction to changes that were ... Read more

Published: 2013 | Resource type: article

Arts Quarter logo and resource cover

Developing private sector funding in the arts

This report is part of an on-going review of organisations who have received Arts Council England Catalyst funding to develop private sector fundraising. It aims to provide a benchmark for performance and to share learning so the wider arts community can learn from the experiences.

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Research

Increasing individual giving to the arts

This report looks brings together findings from two studies conducted by Arts Quarter – the Hidden Wealth Research Project and the Philanthropy in the Arts Survey and brings together findings from these two projects to provide a snapshot on the extent to which arts organisations have some of the most fundamental building blocks in place to ... Read more

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Research

Encouraging higher levels of philanthropy in the arts

The Philanthropy in the Arts Agenda was launched in December 2010 and advocated a wide range of aspirations and proposals for encouraging higher levels of philanthropy to arts organisations. In 2011, arts organisations shared views on key aspects of the Agenda at that time. A year on, and Arts Quarter return to the cultural community to ... Read more

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Research

Values survey to segment donors by attitudes

The Values Survey is a stepping stone towards a new type of donor database which segments by attitudes and beliefs. It surveys motivations to donate and outlines five types of donor: Intrinsics – believe in the transformative power of art. Networkers are socially-oriented  Co-Creators want to be a part of the evolution of the art forms. ... Read more

Published: 2007 | Resource type: Research


The cultural sector response to the coalition’s arts philanthropy agenda

Discover views from across the cultural sector on the key points of the Philanthropy in the Arts Agenda announced by the Department for Culture, Media Sport in 2010.

Published: 2011 | Resource type: Research

Legacy giving in the UK – stepping up to the challenge

Fundraising occupies a lot of our time in the cultural industries, and sometimes it can seems like it’s getting harder and harder to compete with larger, more established charitable organisations and their fundraising teams.  This research report highlights some of the reasons why smaller organisations might not be getting a bigger slice of the pie, ... Read more

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Claiming Gift Aid: the facts

A step by step guide to what does and doesn’t qualify for Gift Aid.

Published: 2011 | Resource type: Guide/tools