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Beating workplace performance anxiety

In this research conducted by RADA Business they explore the issue of stage fright and nerves in the workplace with data from a survey of 1,000 business people, revealing their experiences.  They also look at ways to overcome your public speaking fears, with their leading tutors providing advice and guidance on ways to harness your nervous ... Read more

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Research

How to manage your brand

It is often challenging to internally manage your organisation’s brand. In this article the author outlines ways you can encourage your staff to become brand ambassadors, by letting them ‘create, be and live’. There’s a definition of mission, vision and values along with examples of both value-driven and purpose-driven brands such as Walmart, Walt Disney ... Read more

Published: 2005 | Resource type: article

Ways to improve internal communication

This article offers a selection of solutions to internal communication challenges often faced by marketing departments. You’ll find an outline of some of the most regularly occurring issues such as trust, lack of understanding and value. There’s advice on how marketing teams should react to these challenges, along with top tips based on the author’s ... Read more

Published: 2005 | Resource type: Guide/tools

How understanding motivation can improve internal communication

Understanding what motivates colleagues can be a powerful way of improving internal communication. This article discusses the Language and Behaviour (LAB) profile tool, created by Rodger Bailey, and how it can be used to explore motivation. The tool works from the premise that each individual has their own perception of reality and assumes that people who ... Read more

Published: 2005 | Resource type: article

The changing world of internal communication

Effective internal communication is vital in business. This article explores why internal communications are changing, the shifting role of leadership communication, and the importance of linking internal communications to business strategy. Drawing on evidence from various organisations you’ll find practical suggestions about what you need to consider for your organisation – including questioning your own communication barriers.

Published: 2005 | Resource type: article

How to build staff commitment: a case study

Empowering and motivating staff is key to internal audience development and brand communication. The author of this article describes the challenges of building commitment amongst staff and highlights his points through a relevant and practical case study from Tyne and Wear Museums. He argues that organisations must ensure efficient communication occurs across all levels, that ... Read more

Published: 2005 | Resource type: Case studies

How to communicate more effectively in the workplace

Effective communication is key for internal as well as external audiences. This article explores the way we listen and speak to each other; how we communicate in the workplace. The authors suggest that the biggest mistake made about communication is the assumption that it is taking place at all. You’ll find exercises, advice and a checklist ... Read more

Published: 2005 | Resource type: article

Brand marketing and your internal audience

We often talk about external audience development but what about internal audience development? This article addresses an area which it claims is not thought about very often and is the most critical part of the customer journey and brand experience – the people who deliver it. The author argues that the job of the marketer is to ... Read more

Published: 2013 | Resource type: Guide/tools