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Encouraging Safer and More Supportive Working Practices in Theatre

A UK Theatre and SOLT handbook ensuring that everyone in theatre can prevent and tackle harassment and abuses of power ensuring a safer, more supportive, inclusive working environment.

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Managing teams through change

In this Prosper resource, Alasdair Cant highlights the key points to consider when managing a team through organisational change — from planning and implementing change, through to dealing effectively with uncertainty to avoid resistance and conflict.

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Laraine Penson

How to build your influencing skills

Junior arts workers are often the most in touch with audiences, but can struggle to make their voices and ideas heard. Laraine Penson offers some tips for communicating more effectively – and explains why management should listen. This article was originally written for Arts Professional.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: Research