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Front cover of A guide to growing your Heritage organisation's income

A guide to growing your Heritage Organisation’s income

This practical guide highlights routes to consider for teams that want to see their heritage organisation expand its reach. For those not yet ready to grow their organisation, the benchmarks in this report can help you compare your income streams to similar-sized organisations. A MyCake and Cause4 guide for Heritage Compass.

Published: 2023 | Resource type: Guide/tools

An illustratio of a biscuit, a marker pen, a glass of wine, a pencil, a birthday candle and another biscuit.

Community Business Success Guides

It’s not always easy for community businesses to get their hands on the kind of detailed financial data that helps build a business case, and get an important local service up and running. This set of Success Guides by Power to Change supports you with some concrete data that can help you run a more ... Read more

Published: 2022 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Two cartoon heads. One has question marks raditing upwards, the other has lightbulbs.

How to create a sustainable career: collaborating to create passive income streams

Laura Mulhern, founder of Plan Make Do explores how to manage the financial peaks and troughs of a freelance creative career by creating passive income streams.

Published: 2022 | Resource type: Article

Mountains nd sea are reflected in the lens of a pair of sunglasses.A pair of sun

The top 5 digital trends for 2022

Katie Moffat from Substrakt predicts the top five digital trends that will be in focus across 2022: sustainability, accessibility, maximising income, collaboration, digital experiences.

Published: 2022 | Resource type: Article

A man stands at dusk in a graveyard.

Income generation from using your site as a filming location

Faye Edwards, Cause4 Programmes Associate asks who really benefits when heritage sites become filming locations? Full of advice and tips about how this income stream fits into a wider income generation plan.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Article

Illustration of three heads. One in the middle, one looking left, one looking right. multiple wavy lines cross the heads

How behavioural economics can revolutionise your marketing strategy

Kizzie Burkett, Account Manager at international arts and live entertainment marketing agency AKA looks at how we can apply behavioural economics to the arts and entertainment sector.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Article

10 ways to make your dynamic pricing targets work harder

The dynamic pricing innovator Sean Kelly, founder of Vatic (dynamic pricing for performing arts and ticketed venues) takes us through his top 10 tips to make your pricing targets work effectively.

Published: 2019 | Resource type: article

Flexible Family Tickets in Museums – commercial considerations

A report by CultueLabel for Kids in Museums looking at opportunities to use flexible family tickets to develop new creative business models.

Published: 2019 | Resource type: Research

Mottisfont Abbey — Secondary Spend Case Study

Discover how Mottisfont Abbey has become a sustainable year-round business and the positive impact investing in its infrastructure has had on increased visitor numbers and secondary spend income.  

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Case studies

Developing successful partnerships

This resource provides tips on how to nurture successful partnerships to enable new income. The tips have been shared by a range of business advisors contributing to Prosper, Creative United’s business support programme for the arts, museums and libraries.

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Research

Developing new products and services

Alison O’Hara joined New Writing North (NWN) in April 2017 with the responsibility of growing the organisation’s enterprise and trading activities. Prosper, Creative United’s business support programme for the arts, museums and libraries, is helping Alison and NWN to explore the development of new products and services.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: article

Diversifying revenue streams

This collection features snippets of case studies by Mark Robinson and offers inspiration for developing new sources of income.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Successful retailing for smaller museums cover

AIM Success Guide: successful retailing for smaller museums

John Prescott from Retail Matters shares how and why a good shop can enhance visitor experience.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Resource cover with circle design

Getting Started with Commissioning: a toolkit for arts and culture organisations in the South East

Creative Future shares advice for adapting to the shift from traditional grants to tendering and commissioning.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: Guide/tools

MyCake logo

Analysis of Arts Council England NPO data

Sarah Thelwall shares MyCake’s fourth annual analysis of the Arts Council England annual data set. Gain insight into the business models of small and large-scale organisations and compare the income streams of different artforms with MyCake’s interactive dashboard.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: Research


Leveraging leadership into income growth

LUX is an international arts agency that supports and promotes artists working with the moving image. This paper written by Sarah Thelwall looks at how the models for the development of mixed income streams in non-profit arts organisations are evolving, how organisations such as LUX are leading these developments and the opportunities this presents for ... Read more

Published: 2010 | Resource type: Research

How theatres can maximise revenue through secondary spend

Secondary spend is the idea of getting a bit more revenue from your existing customers when they’re with you, and it’s pretty big business. Ben Park, Head of Business Development at Spektrix explains.

Published: 2015 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Rambert by Gabriel Saldana

Rambert Moves: Capital Campaign

Learn how Rambert raised the funds to move to a new home on the South Bank and sustain their long-term growth.

Published: 2015 | Resource type: Case studies


Fundraising from an Artistic Director's perspective

One of the biggest challenges in fundraising is that funders want access to artistic directors as often it’s their vision that is being supported. In this interview, Wieke Eringa, Artistic Director of Yorkshire Dance, discusses her approach to fundraising including the challenges and benefits of leading on fundraising; building income; fundraising for both projects and core costs; ... Read more

Published: 2014 | Resource type: Case studies