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Effective fundraising strategy

This Digital Heritage Lab webinar recording will equip you with the necessary skills to start developing an effective fundraising strategy for your organisation. Michelle Wright explains how to create the right fundraising strategy for you, looking at how to strategically utilise different income streams and diversify your income portfolio. You will learn how to set ... Read more

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Webinars and films

How to… develop a fundraising strategy

What would the ideal fundraising strategy look like? Michelle Wright (Programme Director of Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy and CEO, Cause 4) discusses the key elements – from inspiring donors with creative content, to keeping tactics simple.

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Guide front cover with text Fundraising for first-timers

Fundraising for first-timers

This guide is aimed at arts and creative organisations or charities that are starting out on their fundraising journey. It aims to help you prepare and approach strategic fundraising – that is fundraising that is embedded in your organisation. Written by Emma Goad (Blue Canary Fundraising). Commissioned by Arts Council Wales.

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Catalyst Evolve Evaluation Cover photo

Catalyst: Evolve Report 2018

Arts Council England‘s evaluation from the first year of the three-year Catalyst Evolve shows how the programme is helping organisations in the early stages of fundraising to achieve a step change in their ability to earn money from private giving. Written and prepared by BOP Consulting.

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Research


New ACE Funding comes on stream

Arts Council England’s new funding streams are now online. ‘Lottery Project Grants’ supersedes Grants for the Arts whilst ‘Developing your Creative Practice’ (DYCP) is a new grant designed to support independent creative practitioners.

Published: 2018 | Resource type: article

Helping small arts groups become legally constituted organisations.

The Cultural Spring is a Creative People and Places (CPP) programme working to raise participation in arts and culture on South Tyneside and Sunderland. This new case study shares their work with small organisations.

Published: 2018 | Resource type: Case studies

Ethical Fundraising Policy Template

Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy have drafted a best practice Ethical Fundraising Policy Template. A perfect tool to help you design your fundraising policy or check that the one you have is ethical.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: Guide/tools

The National Gallery Legacy Project

The National Gallery houses one of the greatest collections of paintings in the world and admission to see them is free. They have played the long game to nurture and develop their legacy marketing strategy.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: Case studies

Successful fundraising at museums cover

AIM Success Guides: successful fundraising at museums

Helen Shone and Judy Niner from Development Partners offer practical advice to improve your fundraising.

Published: 2017 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Fundraising Strategy Screencast

Fundraising Strategy (training video)

A fundraising strategy is a vital tool in helping you achieve your artistic and business objectives. These training videos will guide you through the seven key steps in the fundraising cycle and provide you with the essential ingredients of a good fundraising strategy.

Published: 2016 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Fundraising Audit video illustration

Fundraising Audit (training video)

An effective audit can be the starting point of creating a successful fundraising campaign or strategy. In these training videos, Wendy Smithers provides a detailed guide to carrying out a fundraising audit.

Published: 2016 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Overcoming lone fundraiser syndrome

Overcoming ‘Lone Fundraiser Syndrome’

It can be lonely working as a development team of one. Lucy Taylor of Achates Philanthropy explores ways to boost capacity and overcome ‘lone fundraiser syndrome’.

Published: 2016 | Resource type: Research

Choreographing your fundraising strategy

In this article, Fern Potter likens fundraising to choreographing a dance – starting with a clear vision that is developed into a strategy that can be used to achieve your organisation’s fundraising goals. A good fundraising strategy can help fundraisers overcome the fear of asking people for money.  

Published: 2015 | Resource type: article

Creating ethical guidelines for fundraising

Creating ethical guidelines for fundraising

This guide provides useful advice on how to set up ethical guidelines to ensure that trustees, staff and any potential commercial partners share a common understanding of your organisation’s ethical values.

Published: 2015 | Resource type: Guide/tools

How to develop a fundraising strategy

How to develop a fundraising strategy

This guide will take you through the seven key steps in the fundraising strategy cycle and provide you with the essential ingredients of a good fundraising strategy.

Published: 2015 | Resource type: Guide/tools

The importance of a fundraising audit

This article discusses how a full fundraising audit can help an organisation to align its fundraising activity with its goals and aspirations and put in place the right organisational structure to support fund development, and build a sustainable financial model. The article highlights the key areas for evaluation and issues to be considered when undertaking a ... Read more

Published: 2014 | Resource type: article

Fundraising Audit Illustration

How to conduct a fundraising audit

This detailed guide provides an eight step process to carrying out a fundraising audit and includes a useful summary of the process.

Published: 2014 | Resource type: Guide/tools

NCVO logo

Developing a fundraising strategy

Develop your fundraising strategy with confidence, supported by this handy guide from NCVO.

Published: 2014 | Resource type: Guide/tools

How to develop a social media fundraising strategy

Social media presents interesting opportunities for the cultural sector including the online world of fundraising. This short paper gives practical advice on how arts organisations of all sizes can integrate social media fundraising into their overall fundraising mix. It concludes with five top tips for getting started.

Published: 2010 | Resource type: Guide/tools