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Open laptop with Gmail icon in the top right hand corner

Email automation — how to make your life easier

Emails play an important role in digital marketing and email marketing platforms can help you make the most of this marketing tool. In this session recorded at Digital Heritage Lab’s Digital Skills Day, Paul Blundell will introduce you to a range of providers to show how email automation can make your working life easier and ... Read more

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Webinars and films

Email icon on a mobile phone

How to use emails more effectively — email marketing best practice

In this session recorded at Digital Heritage Lab’s Digital Skills Day,  Matt Ecclestone explores the key role email plays in digital marketing and shares his top tips on email marketing best practice focusing on marketing emails and email newsletters. He look at ways to help you measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns including ... Read more

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Webinars and films

A young child covered in green paint uses her hands to make a picture

Furloughed – out of office and Deepening relationships with targeted newsletter content #DigitalLab

Daina Heaton, Administration and Communications, Create Sheffield navigates furlough and takes a deep dive into creating newsletters that increase engagement. Part of her Fellowship at Digital Lab.

Published: 2020/21 | Resource type: Article

One hand holds a phone. A finger on the other phone hovers above the phone ready to send an email

Analyse and Improve your Email Marketing Strategy

Freya Ruane, Marketing Coordinator at HdK Associates shares some suggestions and tips on how you can assess and improve your current email marketing campaigns. In the mass of marketing emails people receive on a daily basis, it’s important to ensure that your emails are the ones that reach out and engage audiences.

Published: 2020 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Effective emails

An abstract from the Spektrix Insights 2019 report that focuses on effective emails.

Published: 2019 | Resource type: Research

Segmentation and Customisation are King

Segmentation and Customisation are King in Spektrix’s new Insights Report 2019.

Published: 2019 | Resource type: Article


Manchester Literature Festival’s 2013 digital marketing campaign

The Manchester Literature Festival has taken place every October since 2006 and is the city’s largest literary event. In this case study, Kate Feld describes the Festival’s 2013 online digital marketing campaign, which included e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and blogging. The success of this campaign, particularly its social media activity, contributed to the Festival attracting a larger and ... Read more

Published: 2014 | Resource type: Case studies

How can I market my dance school to prospective students?

A quick reference guide to how marketing techniques can help dance schools deliver new students through their doors. It presents a number of practical and low-cost tools: getting your key messages right; strengthening your online presence; keeping the flow in interesting news and information (especially through social media); database and email marketing; and building local ... Read more

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Guide/tools

Ten top tips on how to grab your audience with email marketing

Email newsletters are an easy, instantaneous and relatively inexpensive way to grab the attention of your audience with relevant information that they want to read. Here are a few of the top tips before you start! By applying some simple rules, they can become much more effective, including planning ahead, doing your homework, asking permission, ... Read more

Published: 2012 | Resource type: Guide/tools

How to design effective e-mail marketing campaigns

Purple Seven’s Vital Statistics box office analysis system is the starting point for this presentation to the AMA New Media Marketing Day, on creating the best email marketing campaigns. It covers such aspects as why use email, driving visits to your website, boosting email sign-up rates, best practice in design for an email, the use ... Read more

Published: 2008 | Resource type: Guide/tools