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A drop of water creates a big splurge as it lands.

Webinar: Measuring Impact

Learn about how best to integrate monitoring and evaluation into your organisation in this webinar from Arts & Culture Finance by nesta.

Published: 2023 | Resource type: Webinars and films

Man with headset using laptop

Four things stopping your company from growing remotely

In the second of a series of three articles, Elliot Mark Senior Copywriter at Ecommerce Platforms takes us through four key things that are stopping our businesses growing remotely.

Published: 2021 | Resource type: Article

The impact of changing demographics on the arts

There is substantial evidence that significant demographic changes will have had a demonstrable impact on the arts by 2025. A growing, ageing, and better-educated population, with more non-traditional households and new ideas about community mean the arts will have to adapt to remain relevant. This report provides an overview of some research into this area.

Published: 2005 | Resource type: Research

19th Century artforms at the dawn of the 21st

Throughout the last century, the pinnacle of the performing arts was generally considered to be the big lyric forms which dominated the 19th: opera, ballet and orchestral music. But is it a given that these will continue to occupy the same position? Many question that premise, concerned that the large, permanent organisations which have been ... Read more

Published: 2006 | Resource type: article

Cultural diversity in a democratic society

This article examines the impact of cultural diversity on national cultural institutions. It considers whether, long used to defending a particular set of cultural values, they can transform themselves into defenders of democratic cultural participation.

Published: 2006 | Resource type: article

The changing world of internal communication

Effective internal communication is vital in business. This article explores why internal communications are changing, the shifting role of leadership communication, and the importance of linking internal communications to business strategy. Drawing on evidence from various organisations you’ll find practical suggestions about what you need to consider for your organisation – including questioning your own communication barriers.

Published: 2005 | Resource type: article

Change for the better: developing audiences

This article includes two case studies from Tyne & Wear Museums and macrobert. Each author looks at how they made integral changes to their organisation in order to develop new and diverse audiences. From improving the overall visitor experience through to developing venue brands; and setting up youth panels through to developing a children’s charter, ... Read more

Published: 2013 | Resource type: Case studies