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The image displays two mobile phone screenshots side by side, showcasing different event promotions: Left Screenshot: Header: Displays "THE FIRE STATION" logo in a black and white box. Image: Shows an orchestra performing on stage. Event Details: Date and Time: "Sun 26 May 15:00" Title: "Royal Northern Sinfonia - Vivaldi’s Four Seasons" Tags: "Music" and "Classical" in black boxes. Background Color: Yellow with black text. Right Screenshot: Header: Displays "DONMAR" in a vertical red box on the left. Image: Close-up of a man with a focused expression. Event Details: Title: "THE CHERRY ORCHARD" Review: "★★★★★ 'REVELATORY… UTTERLY CAPTIVATING' EVENING STANDARD" Button: "FIND OUT MORE" in a red box. Background Colour: Gray gradient with white text.

Website performance check: Boost efficiency and audience engagement

Discover how integrations, automation and personalisation can transform your venue’s digital presence. Learn what key features your CMS platform needs to simplify website management and enhance your digital marketing performance. A CultureSuite resource for AMA Conference 2024. 

Published: 2024 | Resource type: Article

A nodding, wooden bird wearing a hat hits a keyboard with its nose.

Five questions to ask before you automate something on your website

Andrew Ladd, Senior Product Strategist at Ten4 Design, helps us navigate the key questions we need to answer before automating our websites.

Published: 2023 | Resource type: Article