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The Lowry in Lockdown. Photo: Nathan Chandler

Culture in crisis – impacts of Covid-19 on the UK cultural sector and where we go from here

Culture in Crisis shares research findings from one of the world’s largest investigations into the impacts of Covid-19 on the cultural industries.

Want to know more about key findings around audiences, cultural organisations, the cultural workforce and cultural policy? Read our report to find out more.


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Dancers on a stage performing
British Council. Oona Doherty, Hard to Be Soft. Photo: Luca Truffarelli

Webinar: international cultural policy responses to Covid-19

Small boy singing down microphone
Event at LeftBank Leeds. Photo: Sally Molineaux

My essential reads: value(s) in cultural participation

Older female audience member in wheelchair dancing to music
Sinfonia Viva, Brentwood. Orchestras Live. Photo: Paul Starr, Essex County Council

Research digest: Culture on referral

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