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Creating a resource

5 top tips to become one of our most popular authors

1 Know your audience – CultureHive readers range from students to cultural leaders. They work across all artforms in marketing, fundraising and leadership roles. Be clear about who your resource will benefit and why.

2 Make it easy to read – Short sentences and small blocks of text are accessible and easy to skim read. In short, they are a joy to read.

Before submitting your resource, check a few paragraphs in the free Hemingway App. If they turn red, it’s time to embrace shorter sentences.

3 Make it accessible – If your resource isn’t accessible, it limits the number of people who can learn from it. Checking readability, using size 14 font and captioning videos are all quick fixes.

4 Focus on practical tips – The most popular resources walk readers through how to do something. If you’re writing a case study, think about the things you’ve learnt. What do you wish you’d known when you started? Give readers a headstart on their initiatives by sharing the key things you learnt in yours.

5 Avoid the sales pitch – Becoming a CultureHive author is a great way to boost your profile in the cultural sector. That doesn’t mean we’ll publish your best sales pitch. Write a brilliant resource people can learn from and they will seek you out.

For more in depth information about resource criteria please see our submission guidelines.

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