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30th July 2014 Sara Lock

Resources by Wendy Smithers

Fundraising Strategy (training video)

A fundraising strategy is a vital tool in helping you achieve your artistic and business objectives. These training videos will guide you through the seven key steps in the fundraising cycle and provide you with the essential ingredients of a good fundraising strategy.

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Fundraising Audit (training video)

An effective audit can be the starting point of creating a successful fundraising campaign or strategy. In these training videos, Wendy Smithers provides a detailed guide to carrying out a fundraising audit.

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An insider’s view on crowdfunding from Nonclassical

Nwando Ebezie from Nonclassical tells Wendy Smithers what they learnt from their successful crowdfunding campaign We Break Strings.

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How to develop a fundraising strategy

This guide will take you through the seven key steps in the fundraising strategy cycle and provide you with the essential ingredients of a good fundraising strategy.

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An inside view on data and fundraising

This guide is based on an interview with Ben Park of Minor Tickets on how arts and cultural organisations should be using data effectively within fundraising. It considers database management and the benefit of linking data; CRM and software options; skills and experience needed to develop use of data; how data can inform planning and donor insights; and how organisations can make better use of their data and databases.

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A funder’s view on making a funding application

This guide written from a funder's perspective provides useful advice about what you need to consider when making a funding application. It includes: researching the funder before approaching them; highlighting what you are trying to achieve and what you have already achieved; referring to the aims of the funder; having a balanced and clear budget; common mistakes and being realistic and not too ambitious.

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Fundraising from an Artistic Director's perspective

One of the biggest challenges in fundraising is that funders want access to artistic directors as often it's their vision that is being supported. In this interview, Wieke Eringa, Artistic Director of Yorkshire Dance, discusses her approach to fundraising including the challenges and benefits of leading on fundraising; building income; fundraising for both projects and core costs; involving the board in fundraising and growing income from trusts and foundations, individual giving and commissioning contracts. Wieke also shares her three top tips for arts and cultural fundraising.

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Trust applications – a funder’s perspective

This interview with The Pilgrim Trust's Director, Georgina Nayler, offers an insight into the grant application process from a funder's point of view. It provides a guide on how to apply for funds from trust and foundations; from planning an application and common mistakes through to the key ingredients of a successful application.

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Innovative packaging for donors and sponsors

The Ministry of Stories is a creative writing and mentoring centre in East London, which opened in 2010. It uses storytelling to inspire young people aged 8-18 in the belief that writing unleashes their imaginations and builds confidence, self-respect and communication. The MoS is located behind a real shop the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, which only sells everything a discerning monster might need but delivers enough retail income to pay the rent and more. This case study describes the creative approach to fundraising the MoS team have successfully adopted.

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Battersea Arts Centre’s Great Hundred capital campaign

This case study describes Battersea Arts Centre's Great Hundred fundraising campaign, which has been launched as part of its overall aim to raise £13.3 million to complete a vital restoration and redevelopment project to create a 21st century theatre within its 19th century building. Today a hundred is taken to equal 100, but before the 18th century a “Great Hundred” equated to 120. Built in 1893, the home of Battersea Arts Centre (BAC) celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2013 and therefore reached its very own “Great Hundred”.

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How to conduct a fundraising audit

This detailed guide provides an eight step process to carrying out a fundraising audit and includes a useful summary of the process.

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Top Ten Fundraising Tips

This simple and useful guide on fundraising provides ten key tips to consider when planning a successful fundraising campaign.

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