Stephanie Ashcroft, Naomi Korn Associates

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Stephanie Ashcroft | Consultant | Naomi Korn Associates 

Stephanie studied at the University of Glasgow, graduating from the Information Management and Preservation MSc programme in 2016.

She completed her dissertation on copyright and orphan works, conducting a rights audit on a photographic collection in the HarperCollins archive. In the future she hopes to return to academic research on copyright legislation and access in the archive sector.

Since graduating she has worked in rights clearance and licensing roles at the National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive and the British Library’s Sound Archive. She is experienced in conducting research into the rights status of copyright works, locating and contacting rights holders and identifying orphan works.

While working for Naomi Korn Associates, Stephanie continues her role at the British Library working as the Network Intellectual Property Rights Manager on the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project.


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