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4th September 2014 Sara Lock

Resources by Sarah Winchester

Preparing for a meeting with a potential corporate partner

This guide provides useful advice on how to prepare for a meeting with a potential corporate partner to ensure your ‘ask’ is presented in a way that complements your potential partner’s business activities.

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Creating ethical guidelines for fundraising

This guide provides useful advice on how to set up ethical guidelines to ensure that trustees, staff and any potential commercial partners share a common understanding of your organisation's ethical values.

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Fundraising negotiating: dark art or being empowered to get it right?

If arts and cultural organisations want to secure long-term, sustainable funding from corporations their fundraisers need to be empowered to negotiate and build partnerships – we know how companies can meet our needs, but we rarely find out how we can meet their needs. In this guide Sarah Winchester spoke to Beth Upton from Money Tree Fundraising Consultancy about her top tips and approach to being a good negotiator.

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Solid foundations – preparing the perfect 'ask'

This AMA conference 2014 session led by Sarah Winchester discussed how to secure financial commitments for your organisation by taking a strategic approach to fundraising. During her career Sarah has secured over £15 million for organisations ranging from the big; The Princes Trust – to the small; Proten Youth a start-up charity working out of Brixton. In this session Sarah shared the secrets of her success and unpicked the process from identifying a prospect to building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

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