Sarah Thelwall

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Sarah Thelwall is a social entrepreneur and founder of MyCake which focuses on the financial analysis and benchmarking of non-profit business models around the UK. Recent work includes the development of an algorithm to evaluate financial resilience and the development of a set of dashboards which allow users to see the non-profit ecosystem in their area and how it is changing over time.

In partnership with social enterprise Renaisi, MyCake reviewed the role of volunteering in third sector business models with a view to increasing the understanding of what this means as a labour cost subsidy.

In partnership with the charity fundraising consultancy Cause4, MyCake publishes an annual report and dashboard – the Cause4 Arts and Culture Fundraising Benchmark. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport have recently published MyCake’s review of the work required to develop a cultural data platform to improve access to data to inform strategic decision making.


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