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17th April 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Pam Jarvis

Open Up Museums

Open Up is a new resource that can help you think about how to make your museum relevant to people who don’t currently visit and take action that will increase your visitor numbers, improve your resilience and better fulfil your organisation’s purpose.

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Southend Museum Business Model

Explore how Southend Museum revised its business model and got staff behind a more positive and ambitious future.

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Doncaster Museum Business Model

Discover how writing a manifesto helped Doncaster Museum gain clarity on how the museums service could connect with communities.

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Royal Pavilion and Museums Brighton and Hove Business Model

Julie Aldridge and Pam Jarvis explore how Brighton Royal Pavilion and Museums have reviewed their vision and business model in a bid to become more relevant and resilient.

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National Justice Museum Business Model Case Study

Explore the National Justice Museum's new business model and the process that led to it uniting its various venues, collections and activities under one national brand.

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Cultural tourism – the universal fix?

Pam Jarvis investigates how culture is looked at as a fix for many things – health, social capital, community cohesion, economic growth, education, regeneration …

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Learn what ‘A Night Less Ordinary’ found works in attracting young audiences to the theatre

A Night Less Ordinary was a collaborative scheme aimed at young audiences. This evaluation report reveals lessons learned about what works well in attracting and sustaining young audiences for theatre. The research looked not only at the number of free tickets given out, but at changes in attitude or organisational focus toward young audiences or good practice which could be adopted by other venues. The report covers summary of main findings, methodology, detailed findings, description of how the scheme was run and how that contributed to the level of success in audience development and marketing etc.

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