Paddy Dillon

Paddy Dillon Head and shoulders

Paddy Dillon is the co-founder and director of the Theatre Green Book, an initiative for sustainability in theatre that has transformed the sector and become recognised as a global standard for sustainability. He is known internationally as a leader and advocate for theatre sustainability, and has promoted theatre sustainability across the world, speaking at conferences from Bogota to Bergamo.

From 2015 to 2021 Paddy was trustee of the UK’s Theatres Trust, serving as deputy chair and interim chair. He currently chairs ITEAC, the ABTT’s international theatre conference, which he has transformed into a global initiative with events across East Asia, Europe and South America.

Paddy is also an award-winning theatre architect, responsible for the regeneration of the National Theatre, in London, alongside many other projects. Paddy is author of nine books, including a children’s history of architecture. He is an experienced broadcaster and journalist.