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3rd April 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Orian Brook

Challenging our ideas on why people attend and participate

In this article the findings of audience research using statistical modelling may challenge some of our preconceptions about audience behaviour and the key indicators or drivers for attendance and participation. Orian Brook looks at a culture accessibility index, identifies the importance of higher education and commuting and the impact they have on different artforms.

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International comparisons on engagement with sport and culture

Ever wondered what the participation figures for sport and culture are like outside Great Britain?  How do we compare with Scandinavia? How does education across Europe affect participation levels?  This report outlines some of the key data gathered across Europe, highlighting where Great Britain does well, and where we might perhaps learn about engagement from our neighbours.

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Factors that drive arts attendance: overview of major studies

This presentation looked at a range of primary and secondary research such as the DCMS Taking Part Survey and CASE reviews of research in sports and arts. It posed the question ‘What drives arts attendance? It looks at the impact of distance from venues and concludes that proximity is significant in predicting attendance, along with ethnicity & qualifications, but that proximity is even more significant in predicting frequent attendance, other factors less so.

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