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Oliver Edwards

Oliver Edwards is a specialist in the Industrial, Maritime and Transport sector of the heritage and culture industries with experience in working on marketing, communications, business development and project management.

Driven by a dual interest in our industrial past and a desire to help organisations to become more resilient, Oliver has completed a number of significant assignments. These include raising £169,400 for the Embsay & Bolton Abbey Railway through successful grant bidding, coordinating a campaign for the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway which generated over £140,000 in donations and creating interpretive materials for a number of museums.

In late 2020, Oliver joined The Lab strand of the Digital Heritage Lab as a Digital Skills Mentor, nurturing digital development with a number of cultural bodies including Brecon Heritage & Culture Network, Skylark IX Recovery Trust and Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust (PRCLT) .

In 2021, Oliver won a national Heritage Railway Association award.