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24th June 2019 Carol Jones

Resources by OFBYFOR ALL

How to…co-create an exhibition with your community

A step-by-step toolkit written by Lauren Benetua, Nina Simon and Stacie Marie Garcia. Published by Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

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Who’s coming? Respectful audience surveying toolkit

A practical toolkit by OF/BY/FOR ALL with Slover Linett aimed at making audience research easier.

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OF/BY/FOR/ALL change network. Launch video with Nina Simon.

Nina Simon shares the vision behind OF/BY/FOR/ALL, a new global initiative to help civic and cultural organisations become OF, BY, and FOR their communities.

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OF/BY/FOR/ALL change network. Launching the First Wave.

The AMA is backing the OF/BY/FOR ALL change network and following its progress through a series of Blogs by Nina Simon.

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