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15th November 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Naomi Davenport

Setting up a department for Planned Giving

Learn all about how the Museum of Modern Art has successfully established a strategic department for fundraising to harness the untapped potential for Planned Giving and ensure the Museum's stability and future success.

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How to build meaningful donor relationships and retain long-term support

This case study examines Welsh National Opera's effective strategy for building and retaining relationships with major long-term donors. Explore and be inspired by WNO's donor stewardship strategies.

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Crowd funding for a start-up

Be inspired by House of Fairy Tales' use of the crowd funding platform, Kickstarter, to gain support and backing for their creative project. Moreover, find out more about how they built and maintained personal networks to increase the span and reach of their fundraising campaign to fulfill their mission of making childhood education inclusive, inventive and fun.

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Sound Investment: Making fundraising accessible

Discover how Birmingham Contemporary Music Group launched the pioneering audience development and fundraising scheme, Sound Investment, to raise funds for their new work.

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How to attract a corporate sponsor

In this how-to guide you will explore key tips on building valuable relationships with corporate sponsors.

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Rambert Moves: Capital Campaign

Learn how Rambert raised the funds to move to a new home on the South Bank and sustain their long-term growth.

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Creating a community of philanthropists united by a theme or collective

Discover what happened when Netherlands’ leading cultural organisations decide to unite forces and launch an international fundraising scheme as a collective.

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The importance of a fundraising audit

This article discusses how a full fundraising audit can help an organisation to align its fundraising activity with its goals and aspirations and put in place the right organisational structure to support fund development, and build a sustainable financial model. The article highlights the key areas for evaluation and issues to be considered when undertaking a fundraising audit.

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Tell your story and make your case heard

Storytelling is at the heart of successful fundraising. It is important that an organisation refines its 'story' or brand to effectively make its case for support. A clear identity is essential – for the organisation, for audiences old and new, and for donors and sponsors to fully engage with you. By establishing the identity of an organisation, it will become more apparent which target groups are most suitable to target and how best to reach them.

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Implementing research and data capture for a touring company

Cheek by Jowl (CbJ) is an international theatre company, which operates in-house as an Associate Company at the Barbican Centre in London. As a touring theatre company, CbJ faces the ongoing challenge of trying to capture data, to refine and target their marketing activity, in the absence of any box office information. This case study describes how strategic planning has enabled CbJ to create a model for data capture that can be used when operating as a resident company in other venues thereby helping to develop a successful marketing campaign. 

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