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23rd October 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Museums Libraries & Archives

What do the public want from libraries? Summary report of qualitative research

This summary of the qualitative, focus group research feeds into the report 'What do the public want from libraries?'. The focus groups concentrated on:

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What do the public want from libraries? Practitioner guide

This guide for library practitioners draws on a large scale piece of research into the attitudes and wants of library users and suggests ways forward for library professionals as well as offering a series of case studies.

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Museums, libraries, archives: how they contribute to the community

Museums, libraries and archives have a role to play in achieving important community and local authority agendas. This report gives numerous examples of how the sector makes a unique and effective contribution to the following areas: building stronger and safer communities, helping children and young people, improving adult health and well-being and building a strong economy.

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Opening up museum and library spaces for learning

A detailed report describing how the MLA Challenge Fund successfully enabled museums, libraries and archives round the UK to open up their spaces free of charge to self-organised groups of learners. Case studies include a poetry group and various heritage, craft and creative arts groups.

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Furthering community engagement in our museums

A detailed report on the effectiveness of the Renaissance programme – funding across regional museum hubs to promote community engagement activities. It discusses approaches to community engagement, outcomes and impacts, and policy and programme development.

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How well are libraries engaging with the community?

The final 150-page report evaluating community use of public libraries following Big Lottery funding. Using case studies, the report measures how well the libraries engage with their communities, whether perceptions of library services have changed and how much impact the funding has made on learning and skills development for users, staff and volunteers.

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