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23rd October 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Mission Models Money

Models for institutional co-operation

This report looks at what strategic alliances could be developed between organisations to achieve back-office cost efficiencies, and how these could be extended front-of-house to include more collaborative business models. It considers approaches to new kinds of artistic collaboration, establishing better connections to culturally diverse communities and organisations, and the development of imaginative federated fundraising strategies.

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Developing a visitor base and growing participation

What can be done to improve the capabilities of arts organisations to both develop a strong and sustained customer/visitor base and build participation in the arts? This report examines how organisations can understand the motivations of our audiences and customers, and develop skills to create and maintain a customer base. It also considers participation and how it can be widened.

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Governance in the not-for-profit cultural sector

This report looks at issues around governance in the arts. Why think about governance in the not-for-profit cultural sector? The governors of an organisation, whether they go by the name of trustees, directors or non-executive directors, are in a position of trust. They have a duty towards the organisation's objectives and its provision of public benefit. They also have duties of care to donors, funders from the Arts Council, National Lottery to Trusts or even shareholders and the employees of a firm.

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The impact of changing demographics on the arts

There is substantial evidence that significant demographic changes will have had a demonstrable impact on the arts by 2025. A growing, ageing, and better-educated population, with more non-traditional households and new ideas about community mean the arts will have to adapt to remain relevant. This report provides an overview of some research into this area.

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Responding to changing notions of cultural identity

How should the UK cultural sector respond to changing notions of identity, ownership and access across the world? This document considers issues such as ownership of cultural items and restitution of objects in museum collections, access in the context of a culturally diverse society, and what it means to form partnerships outside the cultural sector - including corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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