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2nd October 2014 Sara Lock

Resources by Michelle Wright

Wooing the young billionaires

With arts philanthropy static in the UK and declining in the US, what needs to be done to persuade the next generation of mega-rich donors to support culture? Michelle Wright, CEO of Cause4 and Programme Director of the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy Programme. examines the challenges ahead.

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How to… develop a fundraising strategy

What would the ideal fundraising strategy look like? Michelle Wright (Programme Director of Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy and CEO, Cause 4) discusses the key elements - from inspiring donors with creative content, to keeping tactics simple.

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Are you sitting too comfortably?

Great storytelling is about connecting emotionally with audiences and donors in a clear and succinct way, says Michelle Wright, Programme Director of Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy and CEO, Cause 4.

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Ethical Fundraising Policy Template

Arts Fundraising and Philanthropy have drafted a best practice Ethical Fundraising Policy Template. A perfect tool to help you design your fundraising policy or check that the one you have is ethical.

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Now, New and Next

Now, New and Next,  produced by Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy, is a free digital publication which aims to bring together some of the learning from the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy programme.

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What is your core purpose?

In this article, which was originally published in Arts Professional, Michelle Wright from Cause4 asks the question: are vision, mission and values at the heart of good cultural fundraising? Michelle explains why arts organisations need to be clear about their fundamental purpose; that vision, mission and purpose states the organisation’s essence, character and direction.

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Competing for fundraising talent

Michelle Wright offers some answers to the question; 'with fundraising in the UK currently suffering from an image problem, how can we find the next generation of top arts fundraisers?'

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Arts leaders can't afford to forget politics

If ethical questions lead us to pick and choose what is right and wrong from an artistic perspective, or to judge the credentials of our corporate funders, where do we stop? Michelle Wright calls for more debate about the moral high ground of art, in the context of what arts organisations need to do to survive and thrive.

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Developing relationships with donors

This AMA conference 2014 session led by Michelle Wright, Clare Titley and David Byrne, looked at how arts organisations can better address the needs of current and prospective donors. The panel shared their thoughts on the barriers and opportunities open to the sector and how we might work together to overcome address these.

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Investing in change – developing innovative new business models

In this article, Michelle Wright discusses the need for arts organisations to be more innovative in their fundraising by adapting their business model to generate more commercial income.

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