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25th March 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Lisa Baxter

The Performing Artist’s Audience Workbook

An audience workbook for performing artists written by Lisa Baxter, The Experience Business and beautifully illustrated by Philippe Brasseur. Designed by Creative Scotland. Supported by The National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

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Wearing New Shoes

Read the next in the series of AMA CultureHive articles. Lisa Baxter, Director of The Experience Business explains the value of customer journey mapping. What would you discover if you played the role of a new visitor to your venue? Originally published on Arts Professional.

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When Should I Use Focus Groups?

Lisa Baxter from The Experience Business explains when it's best to use focus groups as a method for collecting audience research.

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Ten Top Tips for Great Focus Groups

Lisa Baxter at The Experience Business offers her Ten Top Tips for Great Focus Groups.

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Making your brand essential rather than desirable

For an arts brand to survive in this climate, it needs to become essential rather than desirable, and, as Lisa Baxter discovers, the key to differentiating between the two is resonance.

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Exploring qualitative research for the arts and culture sector

Lisa Baxter showcases three core qualitative research techniques; focus groups, observational research and creative idea generation, and how they might be applied in an arts context.

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Issues facing qualitative research in the arts

If you want a successful business strategy, create and provide appealing product, develop meaningful brands, nurture customer loyalty and maximise sales, you need to find out what makes your existing and potential audience tick. Qualitative research is public engagement that can access rich, deep, actionable insights about your audiences and stakeholders in this respect.

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The best approach to qualitative research

This article provides an insight into different types of qualitative research and how to use them for brand development, programme development, marketing and communications, targeting and segmentation, relationship marketing and customer orientation.

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How to be more creative

Everybody wants to be creative, and real creativity is reflected in original marketing campaigns. This guide explains some ways of learning to exercise your creative side - challenging your own assumptions, and doing better than 'good enough' in order to break free of established patterns and create something fresh.

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