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17th April 2013 Sara Lock

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Assessing audience loyalty – a must for every arts organisation

Arts marketers are constantly under pressure to justify every pound they spend against the return they achieve – and a good loyalty-based, or CRM (Customer Relationship Management), approach will help you do just that.

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Principles of segmentation for arts marketing and audience development

This article is an attempt to demystify segmentation and show you that you’re probably already doing it, but may not know it.

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Segmentation in practice

Town Hall and Symphony Hall (THSH) in Birmingham are two large-scale receiving venues presenting a variety of performances a year, focused largely on music. Since the re-opening of Town Hall in 2007, the organisation was keen to undertake a comprehensive segmentation of its customer base to better understand its audiences, and to further develop its audience-focused approach to communications.

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Building a customer relationship management strategy

Customer relationship management (or CRM) needs time, loyalty and dialogue. The author of this article explains what we mean by CRM, how you can benefit from a CRM approach and when it works best. You'll also find examples of when things don't go to plan - as well as tips and advice on creating your own CRM strategy.

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Data intelligence driven marketing

Ulster Orchestra tested whether the benefits of a season brochure outweighed its costs. Working with Indigo, the orchestra segmented their data, based largely on frequency, but also looking at artform crossovers.

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Customer profiling and segmentation tools

Do you want your marketing budget to stretch further? Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign? Do you want to get audiences to visit more frequently?

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