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5th April 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by John Holden

Making the arts relevant and meaningful

Given that we know why people engage with the arts, John Holden discusses how arts organisations can actually increase public engagement in the arts. In the context of positive shifts in policy and changes in the way we judge and measure the quality of the arts, he looks at the need for greater collaboration and suggests that steps to increase participation should include the consideration of issues such as class, education, the media and demand.

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Evidence in Making the Case for Museums, Libraries and Archives

This report highlights the evidence for the importance of museums, libraries and archives. It does so by understanding their role delivering public value. This document identifies how museums, libraries and archives have adapted to the changing demands of the public whom they serve, and have asserted themselves as providers of knowledge and inspiration.

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Access to contemporary visual art

Free access to museums hugely increased visitor figures but there are still correlations between socio-economic status and the likelihood of attendance at arts and cultural events and while numbers of visitors increased, their profile remained relatively static.

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Culture, participation and the web

This report looks at the convergence of three trends:

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Role of culture in international diplomacy

Explore the role that culture has to play in international relations in this report, which features case studies and recommendations.

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Excellence, Access and Cultural Democracy

This paper identifies the false dichotomy between excellence and access and takes on the cultural snobs, for whom a democratic culture is a debased culture. John Holden challenges cultural professionals to acknowledge their responsibilities as educators and public servants.

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Capturing cultural value: How culture has become a tool of government policy

John Holden’s Capturing Cultural Value: How Culture has Become a Tool of Government Policy (2004), published by the think-tank, DEMOS, proposes ways of valuing culture other than the instrumental. This document (and seven further commentaries) explore various issues raised by Holden.

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Organisational change

A case study of organisational change at the Royal Shakespeare Company, guided by their ensemble principles:

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Comprehending, creating and communicating value

Considers how cultural sector business models will develop in response to the changing roles of the expert, the market and the public in the current cultural landscape. This article provides two viewpoints on the role that arts marketing professionals have in comprehending and delivering public value. John Holden explores the need to understand value from a range of different perspectives in order to start to square artistic vision with engaging audiences; Tim Baker explores how arts organisations can create and package relevant value in order to engage a diverse range of people with the arts.

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