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12th April 2013 Sara Lock

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Delivering game-changing impact

Today, the very existence of our organisations has audiences at its heart. Whether through choice or originally through circumstance, audiences have become part of our business model but more importantly they have to be part of our philosophy. How do we develop audiences now and how we might do it in the future? How can we build broader, wider, deeper relationships in order that we also meet our organisation’s own artistic, social and financial objectives? This opening keynote presentation from AMA conference 2014 set the scene for a conference that aimed to explore and find the answers to some of those questions.

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Delivering game-changing impact – engaging and developing audiences

AMA conference 2013 looked at how we develop audiences now and how we might do it in the future. How can we engage a wider audience and engage them more deeply? How can we recognize and meet different people’s different needs – and give individuals the kinds of experiences and outcomes they look to us for? How can we build broader, wider, deeper relationships in order that we also meet our organisation’s own artistic, social and financial objectives? Jo Taylor's opening keynote looked back through the years of political history and the arts and set the theme for the conference.

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Welsh National Opera in Birmingham

Welsh National Opera (WNO) is based in Cardiff but tours throughout the UK with over 50% of their funding coming from England. Birmingham is of particular importance to WNO – their 'home in England' - and it has a strategic emphasis on everything they do. As a touring company one of their challenges is to feel owned by audiences in the cities they perform in – to have an impact and a place.

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Selling opera: a simple message, delivered with the biggest impact

Jo Taylor found that when selling opera at Welsh National Opera (WNO) the simplest message, delivered with the biggest impact had great results without a huge price tag. This award-winning campaign achieved its objectives with a great rate of return and stood out as a creative and imaginative solution to a critical communications challenge.

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How to bring marketing and programming together to create positive working partnerships

Marketers, programmers and artistic directors often share the same frustrations of working separately and not connecting properly with each other fields, this seminar looks at how to reverse the trend and find new collaborative approaches that can deliver shared responsibility and closer collaboration.

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How to be friends with your audience and your artistic director

An essential guide to learning how to speak fluent 'Artistic Director', enabling you to build a positive working relationship with the person who programmes your venue.  Respecting each others skills and experience, putting art and audiences on an equal footing, using the audience to influence programming policy and allowing real and authentic CRM practices to be developed are all discussed.

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How to get your audiences and visitors to take greater risks

We're in danger of not listening to our audiences enough, and under-estimating what they want from our organisations.  This guide brings to the fore some of the issues around WHY we should encourage our audiences down different paths, exploding some of the myths around the dumbing down of artistic content.  See where the synergy exists between audiences and artists who want to take risks, and learn how to take your audiences and visitors on a journey to discovering new experiences.

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Developing audiences by bringing arts programming and arts marketing together

Jo Taylor, then Head of Marketing and Louise Miles Crust, Artistic Programme Manager – Wales Millennium Centre share their experience of the restructure of Wales Millennium Centre – bringing its arts and programming elements together.

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