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James Berg | Content Strategist & Founder | Picaroons

James is the founder of Picaroons and a self-identified marketing Pirate. He believes that you succeed and thrive when you don’t play by the rules, in business and in life.

If you hire James as a Content Consultant, you’ll be joining many other satisfied customers, including Facebook, Aniventure (a Hollywood animation company), and Uncertainty Experts (the world’s first live immersive documentary).

Working as a speaker, James has helped over 2,000 businesses and charities create a content plan for their business. 

He can teach you what to post, why it will help you, and how to post it, all in simple, easily-understood terms — no business jargon allowed. He isn’t satisfied until he’s helped you turn social engagement into new businesses partnerships and purchases; likes and retweets alone aren’t enough.

James is also a podcast host and producer, doling out business and life advice with his dad, Phil Berg, on Chats with Dad, and digging up stories from the life of a real life pirate in Original Pirate Material. 

A qualified business coach and published author, James’ book ‘104 Social Media Content Ideas To Increase Sales’ has helped over three thousand businesses come up with and action ideas for their social media marketing. One user even made a £20,000 sale directly attributed to ideas used in the book. 

 He works out of his home in Ericeira, Portugal where he makes sure to find time to surf every day, in between his various business ventures.


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