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25th March 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Hugh Wallace

How to develop a successful mobile app

National Museums Scotland formally launched its Museum Explorer mobile app in October 2012. The app is available to download on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and challenges visitors to discover and explore the museum by tracking down nine mystery objects to find 4-digit codes to unlock special explorer badges. Collecting all nine badges enables visitors to become the ultimate museum explorer. In this case study, Hugh Wallace, Head of Digital Media at National Museums Scotland, describes the processes behind the development of this new app.

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Follow National Museums Scotland’s steps towards a new, integrated website

This case study shares the most important decisions and fact-finding steps that National Museums Scotland took, in moving from an outdated, little-used website to one that unites all five of their (real) locations, is highly interactive and connects to social media presences and has rich, engaging content for a variety of audiences.

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