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Helen Dunnett

Head and shoulders Helen Dunnett

Helen Dunnett | Director | Helen Dunnett Consulting
Helen is Director of Helen Dunnett Consulting and works with arts, heritage and cultural clients to help them develop Customer Relationship Management strategies, improve and streamline their business processes and procure CRM/Ticketing system software. As an experienced arts consultant, Helen also has a proven track record in marketing and audience development, project management, leadership, organisation/business process development and communications.

Helen also worked in a range of arts organisations for over 15 years and central to that work has been the significant success she achieved in audience development and segmentation resulting in the development of the very first Test Drive the Arts (with Morris Hargreaves McIntyre), a cutting edge CRM and segmentation strategy: Audience Builder, and many other ground-breaking audience development programmes many of which have been widely disseminated and copied across the UK and Europe.

Helen is on the Advisory Board of the Arts & Culture Network, runs a Linkedin group ‘From Data & Systems Hell to CRM Mastery’ and was winner of the 2020 Midlands Enterprise ‘Most Outstanding Small Business Entrepreneur’ Award.

Mobile: 07889967029

Email: helendunnett@hd-consulting.co.uk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hdunnett/