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3rd July 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Helen Dunnett

Shakespeare’s Globe – the journey towards a CRM strategy

Follow the journey of Shakespeare's Globe as they put in place a comprehensive CRM strategy. This in-depth article gives you useful pointers to powering up CRM within your organisation (whatever its size) and a framework that you can use for your own projects to make a business case for change.

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Tips to help you with your CRM implementation

Originally published from author Mags Rivett, Marketing Manager at Purple Vision. This guide has been updated by Helen Dunnett, Director of HD Consulting in February 2018.

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How Much Will a CRM/Ticketing System Cost?

Helen Dunnet, Director of HD Consulting has created a series of guides and tools to help you discover the joys of a well thought out CRM system.

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Selecting Ticketing Systems

This guide on Selecting Ticketing Systems was updated in March 2018 from an earlier ADUK resource sheet first shared on CultureHive in 2012. Authored by Roger Tomlinson .

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Developing Classical Music Audiences in Lancashire

A case study exploring Lancashire Classical Music Collaboration's ground-breaking partnership project between Halle, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Manchester Camerata orchestra, Preston Guild Hall, Blackburn King George's Hall and the Muni in Colne funded by Arts Council England.

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Cart before the horse for CRM?

When thinking and talking about a CRM strategy don't just focus on the IT implementation that is the customer database technology. A clear understanding of customer journeys and how a customer interacts with your organisation will help you align your internal business processes and CRM strategy with these interactions.

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Using ‘balanced database’ as a way to implement strategic CRM

As we now have to achieve more with less - and prove what we're doing is effective - it's more urgent than ever to get a customer relationship strategy in place. So argues Helen Dunnett in this article about 'balanced database' - an intensive training programme by Purple Seven that provides software, training and marketing support. The aim is to increase ticket revenue, reduce wasted marketing spend and improve mailing response rates. The author describes how the programme works and demonstrates the impact through a case study at Colston Hall in Bristol.

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How to move audiences up the ladder of engagement

We all want to attract new audiences and encourage our current audiences to attend more frequently. This guide explains how you can move your customers up the ladder of engagement by using two techniques; test-drive and teleprompt. Described as affordable, profitable, practical and successful approaches, you'll find an outline of how to undertake each one along with case studies which demonstrate the impact they have had on audience engagement.

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Using CRM to strategically develop your audiences

Helen Dunnett explores what we mean by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and why it's not widely adapted. Using a Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (RLPO) case study, she demonstrates the impact that segmentation and targeted campaigns can have on developing audiences.

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