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15th April 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Hans de Kretser

Ten considerations when building online social networks (2007)

Social networking is here to stay; but let’s face it – it’s always been here. People have always found a way to congregate and form communities. It just so happens that we have this thing called the internet so we can all socialise without leaving our homes. Back in 2007, Hans de Kretser wrote this article taking a look at social networking.

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How to build a relevant and effective social media campaign

It's important that any social media campaign reflects the vision of your organisation, as well as fulfilling marketing goals and reaching your target market. This article outlines the practical steps that marketers can take in order to build a relevant and effective social media campaign. It presents a variety of possible social media solutions and practical case studies to demonstrate how organisations can make the most of the latest advances in new media.

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