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5th April 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by François Matarasso

Cultural diversity in a democratic society

This article examines the impact of cultural diversity on national cultural institutions. It considers whether, long used to defending a particular set of cultural values, they can transform themselves into defenders of democratic cultural participation.

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Arts and the 'big society'

This article suggests we need to think about what the 'big society' means to us as individuals and organisations - and what we want from it. Taking themes such as participation, communication, consultation and testing, the author outlines a selection of projects which take a 'big society' approach by using the arts to empower internal and external audiences.

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The story of how the arts can make a difference to quality of life told through the voices of participants.

This booklet takes look at the work of Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium (LARC) in North Liverpool and how the various organisations involved are impacting on the life of the residents through engagement in the arts.

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