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7th August 2014 Sara Lock

Resources by Fern Potter

Budgets are Beautiful

Fundraising trainer and consultant Fern Potter explains how to make sure your budgets are exciting, beautiful and creative.

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Crafting your elevator pitch: four simple steps

Fundraising trainer and consultant Fern Potter walks you through four simple steps to an effective elevator pitch. An Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy guide for AMAculturehive.

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Seeing it from the funder’s point of view

Fundraising trainer and consultant Fern Potter helps us step outside our circle of like-minded colleagues and see things from an external perspective.

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Choreographing your fundraising strategy

In this article, Fern Potter likens fundraising to choreographing a dance - starting with a clear vision that is developed into a strategy that can be used to achieve your organisation's fundraising goals. A good fundraising strategy can help fundraisers overcome the fear of asking people for money.

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New approach for fundraising events

In this case study, Fern Potter, Head of Development and Strategy for Dance UK, Association of Dance of the African Diaspora and Youth Dance England describes the challenges of mounting a fundraising event to raise funds for the three organisation whilst developing their capacity to fundraise in general. The major, joint-fundraiser event Sugar Dandies High Tea took place in April 2014 at the Royal Ballet School in Covent Garden. It was the first time Fern had produced a fundraising event for three organisations at the same time and it raised just over £40,500 which exceeded the original fundraising target.

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