Ed Archer

Headshot photo of Ed Archer

Ed Archer | Chairman | Lanark and District Archaeological Society

Ed Archer has been Chairman and a committee member of the Lanark and District Archaeological Society (LADAS) for almost 40 years. In that time he has taught on the subjects of history, classics, archaeology and computing at a variety of institutions and has been a lecturer in Archaeology and History at the University of Glasgow.

Ed was previously the Senior Development Officer for Community Service Volunteers / Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme responsible for getting over fifties into volunteering. Over eight years Ed grew the volunteer base from zero to 510 across 37 projects chiefly in South Lanarkshire, the largest volunteer project of its type in Scotland.

Ed set up the website Clydesdale’s Heritage as one of the initiatives from LADAS and has written extensively on the heritage of Lanark and Clydesdale. He was awarded the Lanark Burgess Award for services to Heritage in 2013.


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