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Dr Kit Good, Naomi Korn Associates

Dr Kit Good | Senior Data Protection Adviser | Naomi Korn Associates
Dr Kit Good has worked in Information Compliance for more than 15 years. After completing a PhD in history at the University of Liverpool and a post-doctoral research post, he became Islington’s Information Governance Manager in 2006.

In 2010 Kit joined the University of London and managed the University’s Information Compliance programme covering freedom of information, data protection and records management. He managed the University’s transition to GDPR compliance and acted as statutory data protection officer. Some of his recent projects involved data protection impact assessments (DPIAs) for online exam proctoring and Covid testing centres, and creating research data management policy and guidance.

An experienced face-to-face and online trainer, Kit has also presented on data protection at events hosted by the University and Colleges Employers Association, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the Centre for Distance Education.

In Autumn 2021 he left the University to work on a range of new data protection projects.

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Resources by Dr Kit Good, Naomi Korn Associates

Data protection compliance is everyone’s responsibility and vitally important when sharing digital content online. From collecting personal data as part of an oral history project to sharing the names of participants in a community project — it all falls under UK Data Protection law. This 10-step guide by Dr Kit Good will explain what you need to know before you share personal data online.

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This data protection checklist by Dr Kit Good will help your heritage organisation determine whether the content you are sharing online is data protection compliant.

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Whatever the aims, if you are sharing personal data online, you need to comply with data protection laws. This guide by Dr Kit Good takes you through the key things you need to consider when sharing personal data online.

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