3rd April 2013 Sara Lock

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Media snacking and conversations with young people

Media snacking is a term to explain how we consume the current media menu which is now served and available in totally different ways and on/through a variety of technological platforms/avenues. Sara Marsh caught up with DK of mediasnackers to find out more ...

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An insight into online behaviour

This seminar provides insight into how and why people use digital technologies, with a particular focus on young people, how use may be changing with the advent of new tools such as social networking sites, podcasts and vodcasts and how we might develop our digital marketing in line with the way that people use interactive media.

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Developing digital marketing tactics for young people

In the rapidly changing field of social media and social networks, it's important to keep up to date with how people are using these platforms and what is most relevant to each market. This article outlines how and why people use digital technologies, with a particular focus on young people. It demonstrates how marketers need to develop their digital marketing strategies in line with how interactive media is used. A wide range of tools including social networking sites, podcasts and vodcasts are discussed.

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Understanding the trends in social media, to better use them and design for them

DK is the founder of MediaSnackers, a term used to describe what young people were doing with media. This presentation looks at how digital technologies are changing the way the public experiences the arts, and therefore how arts marketers, audience development and programmers need to respond to this to gain the attention and loyalty of audiences – particularly young people.

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