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Centre for Cultural Value

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The Centre for Cultural Value is a national research centre based at the University of Leeds. Their core partners are The Audience Agency, The University of Liverpool, The University of Sheffield and Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. They are funded by the UKRI Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council England and Paul Hamlyn Foundation over five years.



Resources by Centre for Cultural Value

Webinar: international cultural policy responses to Covid-19
Webinar: Whose cultural values?
Webinar: What does cultural participation look like with and post-Covid?
Webinar: Who and what is evaluation for? And when is it useful?
Webinar: How can we use research and evidence to influence policy change?
Webinar: Culture on referral: sharing our findings
Webinar: What is the value of online cultural engagement?
Webinar: Covid-19: “The great unequaliser?”
Reflecting Value Ep 1: Bringing two worlds together
Reflecting Value Ep 2: Making room for one another
Reflecting Value Ep 3: Whose safe spaces?
Reflecting Value Ep 4: From where we stand
Sharing learning: Developing personal access statements – Birds of Paradise Theatre Company
Sharing learning: Working in partnership with funders to foster learning – Yorkshire Dance
Webinar: Recovery & renewal: Creative approaches to the Covid crisis
Evaluation Principles
Webinar: Where next for the cultural sector?
Webinar: Change, sustainability & relevance: New business models
Conference: The impact on audiences part 1: Changing behaviours
Webinar: Creative places & new localism
Webinar: Covid-19: Exacerbating existing inequalities?
Webinar: The future of cultural labour
Webinar: The impact on audiences part 2: Virtual experiences
Webinar: From implications to action: What now?
Reflecting Value S2 Ep1: The digital (r)evolution?
Reflecting Value S2 Ep2: Who holds the power?
Reflecting Value S2 Ep3: Gaming as Culture
Reflecting Value S2 Ep4: Learning through crisis
Reflecting Value S2 Ep5: Physically distanced, socially connected
Making Data Work: A scoping study to develop a mixed-methods evaluation framework for culture