AMA Conference 2020

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Resources by Centre for Cultural Value

Webinar: international cultural policy responses to Covid-19
Webinar: Whose cultural values?
Webinar: What does cultural participation look like with and post-Covid?
Webinar: Who and what is evaluation for? And when is it useful?
Webinar: How can we use research and evidence to influence policy change?
Webinar: Culture on referral: sharing our findings
Webinar: What is the value of online cultural engagement?
Webinar: Covid-19: “The great unequaliser?”
Reflecting Value Ep 1: Bringing two worlds together
Reflecting Value Ep 2: Making room for one another
Reflecting Value Ep 3: Whose safe spaces?
Reflecting Value Ep 4: From where we stand
Sharing learning: Birds of Paradise Theatre Company – personalised access statements
Sharing learning: Yorkshire Dance – In Mature Company
Webinar: Recovery & renewal: Creative approaches to the Covid crisis
Evaluation principles
Webinar: Where next for the cultural sector?
Webinar: Change, sustainability & relevance: New business models
Conference: The impact on audiences part 1: Changing behaviours
Webinar: Creative places & new localism
Webinar: Covid-19: Exacerbating existing inequalities?
Webinar: The future of cultural labour
Webinar: The impact on audiences part 2: Virtual experiences
Webinar: From implications to action: What now?
Reflecting Value S2 Ep1: The digital (r)evolution?
Reflecting Value S2 Ep2: Who holds the power?
Reflecting Value S2 Ep3: Gaming as Culture
Reflecting Value S2 Ep4: Learning through crisis
Reflecting Value S2 Ep5: Physically distanced, socially connected