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18th April 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Catherine Bunting

England’s adult population: a segmentation of arts audiences

Catherine Bunting describes research which breaks down the adult population in England into distinct segments based on whether and how often people attend and participate in the arts. She shows how the segments differ in terms of demographics, attitudes, behaviour, lifestyles and aspirations and how arts organisations might (or might not) engage with each group.

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Taking Part Survey audience patterns, behaviour and barriers

This analysis of data from the Taking Part Survey explores how people attend the arts and the socio-demographic factors that have an impact on that attendance.

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What is the impact of engagement with and attendance at arts events on children and young people – for future audience development

This report discusses findings from the Taking Part Survey in relation to children’s engagement with the arts and culture, and how this will affect – or not – their likelihood of engagement or arts attendance as an adult. Arts marketers can use the findings and implications to start discussion of how their organisation should promote audience development within less engaged communities, through children, schools and family initiatives.

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