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9th January 2014 Sara Lock

Resources by Brian Pichman

Improving children and young people's engagement with libraries

The Evolve Project is a US-based open collaborative platform that aims to change the way people see libraries. In this case study, Brian Pichman describes how The Evolve Project improved young library users’ engagement with the library’s children’s space by changing its design and putting in new technology and programming that encourages them to learn and interact in different ways.

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Libraries as Start-ups

These days, people aren’t just checking out books at the library – increasingly, they’re making things there. Brian Pichman from the US-based The Evolve Project, which aims to change the way people see libraries, discusses the new collaborative and creative uses of libraries being successfully trialed around the world, including maker spaces and fab labs, and argues that libraries should foster a “start-up” culture.

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