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25th April 2014 Sara Lock

Resources by Booktrust

Bookbuzz: developing young people's love of reading

This report evaluates the impact of Bookbuzz a project funded by the Booktrust. Launched in 2012, this programme provides a book for Year 7 students soon after their transition from primary to secondary school at a crucial time when formative attitudes towards reading develop.

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Bookstart Corner: developing young children's love of reading

This report evaluates the impact of Bookstart Corner a project funded by the Booktrust. This programme was targeted at socially and economically disadvantaged families with children aged 12-30 months. Located in Children's Centres, Bookstart Corner offered intensive support for parents and carers to encourage reading for pleasure with their children to help develop a love of stories, books and rhymes.

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Helping schools focus on improving skills in language, reading and writing

Launched in November 2011 the Ant Club has been developed by the Booktrust to provide resources to support the development of children’s language, reading and writing during the early years and infant phases of education in schools.  There are currently 1,192 schools taking part. This report presents the findings from the evaluation of The Ant Club intervention that took place from 2012 to 2013.

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