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29th November 2013 Sara Lock

Resources by Bill Thompson

In the space everyone can watch you stream

Introducing the first iteration of The Space, a BBC and Arts Council England partnership project, which provided a digital platform to distribute art. Such projects have the potential to change the way that audiences engage with culture. This presentation helped marketers understand what it meant, how best to prepare organisations and how to move forward to meet the needs of future audiences.

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Online exhibitions with Google Cultural Institute

A transcript of a discussion about the Google Cultural Institute, focusing on creating online exhibits and editorial around them. The panel also considers whether virtual exhibits deter visitors from attending museums in person.

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Is all this technology actually helping?

Is it just possible that technology might be alienating our audiences and creating a barrier to the arts? ICT is used to develop advertising and marketing strategies and to enhance sales and provide customers with information, but are computers getting in the way? This article argues that it is possible to do technology well – but it must be made invisible.

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